What We Do

Project Management:

We help take projects from conceptualisation to implementation and fruition, whether it is private organization or a government owned project. We also have expertise in App and software development projects.


We offer project management consulting services and our goal as always is to help you move your idea from concept to execution

Oil & Gas:

At RA, we are also a big supplier of petroleum products; Diesel, PMS, Kerosene.

SME Investments:

At RA, we are always open to strategically investing in viable SMEs.


We provide Capacity training, Leadership training and management training for businesses and SMEs.


We have big investments in agriculture and we also provide consultancy services for businesses wanting to go into the agro business.

Government Relations

We have strong relationship with Government Institutions and so we serve as the bridge between Private sector organisations wanting to do business or run a project with the Government or vice versa. Basically, we serve as that missing link for PPP projects with a track record of competence backing our expertise

OOH Media

Out Of Home Media is our door advertisement service. We do billboard ads, lamp pole ads, mobile adverts and bus branding.

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